Want to join theVixens for Victory?

The Vixens for Victory were founded in 2019 as a social group for pinups who also enjoy serving others. We focus specifically on serving our communities as well as our veterans and active military along with their families.   We come from all walks of life and all varieties of pinup with one thing in common we are Vixen sisters.

To learn more about becoming a Vixen please reach out to your local chapter president. 

If there is not currently a chapter in your areas please reach out to either Ivy D'Vine or Vixie Von Pawz.  When you become a pledge you are considered a Vixette which mean you have a 90 day pledge period before becoming a full Vixen. 

What are the requirements?

As a Vixen there are membership requirements that you need to follow.

We are a family friendly group so we are very conscious of the limited time many of our pinups have.

With that in mind these are the main commitments you need to be able to uphold once you become a full member, past your 90 day pledge period.

  • Attend one in every three chapter meeting 

  • Attend at least one All Vixen meeting a year

  • Two hours of community service a month

  • 1-2 major service events per year {You will get advance notice of dates}

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